The link between Gut Health and Skin Problems (+ how to maintain balance)

When it comes to clear, healthy and happy skin, we tend to focus primarily on the products we apply externally to the skin. But if you’ve ever wondered why even the best products don’t seem to be working as you expect, then you may want to look a little deeper, and we mean that quite literally…

You may have heard of the mind gut connection, but did you know that a healthy gut also means you’ll enjoy your best skin yet?

Keep reading to learn more about how a balanced gut can help to balance your skin and keep it clear, glowing and youthful.

How does poor gut health affect the skin?

We don’t give our gut enough credit. A healthy gut helps to ensure every other part of our body is functioning efficiently, from our brain health to
our skin health.

Lifestyle factors such as stress and a poor diet weaken the gut and digestive system, which increases toxins in the gut, as well as promotes the growth of bad bacteria. These toxins will then manifest externally, commonly as blemishes, breakouts, and even premature lines and wrinkles!

If your gut is not functioning as it should, then you may notice that you feel sluggish quite often, deal with bloating on a regular basis, and of course, constant skin issues.

So what can you do to strengthen your gut?

Good bacteria and your gut!

It may seem a little strange to feed your body with bacteria, but the gut needs beneficial bacteria to function optimally.
By introducing good bacteria into your gut you help to maintain a perfect balance between good and bad bacteria to not only soothe your tummy, reduce bloat and improve your mood, but to drastically transform your skin too!

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are all great for gut health as they help to feed the gut with good bacteria, but if you want to try something a little different (not to mention delicious and perfect for summer), then we highly recommend you give kombucha a try!
Kombucha for gut health Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy drink that may sound a little strange, but trust us when we say it’s really good! Kombucha has been used for centuries to increase energy and improve overall well-being.

Unlike soda pop, which is laden with unhealthy sugar that will promote the formation of bad bacteria in the gut, kombucha is low in sugar, packed in probiotics, and can rival the taste of regular soda pop anyday! It also comes in many flavors like blueberry, mango and peach to name just a few.

Kombucha can get a bit pricey so once you’ve become a fan, why not try to make it yourself?
Once your gut has improved, you’ll be amazed at the difference not only in your skin, but in how you feel too! You’ll feel happier and enjoy loads more energy, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest!