Environ Cool Peel: a gentler face peel alternative

If you’ve ever tried an acid peel, then you may have sworn off peels forever, because they hurt. Alot.

Acid peels have been around for a while and are popular, because they strip aways old layers of skin to reveal new, brighter skin underneath. Acid peels are no regular exfoliation though.

Unlike the old, harsh peels of the past, which could potentially strip away vital layers of your fragile epidermis, the Environ Cool Peel is far gentler on the skin and won’t have you gritting your teeth in torture as it is applied.

Keep reading to learn more about why this modern peel is just what you need to perk up your complexion, even if you have sensitive skin!

Why is the Environ Cool Peel Gentler on the Skin?

The Environ Cool Peel uses a lower dose of lactic acid and involves a series of gentle, repetitive treatments, rather than one concentrated treatment that may really aggravate the skin.

This means less redness, an overall healthier skin and less downtime.

How does it Work?

This new type of facial peel works only at the surface of the skin, however it promotes exfoliation, which in turn stimulates growth factors in the skin.

A course of gentle treatments will help to reduce the appearance of sun damage, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, improve skin texture and promote a radiant glow, all major concerns of women everywhere!

You’ll get this treatment done at a salon by a trained professional.

How does it Feel?

This peel comes as a cream mask that is gently painted on to the skin and left for about 20 minutes. You may experience some tingling, but it’s nothing compared to those old, scary peels! Your facial technician will gently move the brush over your face. This helps helps with the tingling and is a great distraction! Apart from a light tingling, you should experience no pain or burning, hallelujah!

It’s all finished off with a serum, usually a Vitamin A serum, some sunscreen and eye gel.

Will I peel?

You may be familiar with your skin gently flaking off in the days preceding an aggressive face peel, but because this one is much gentler, you may not peel at all! This does not mean the peel is not doing its job though. Remember, those old peels usually involved just one treatment, while this peel involves a series of them.

After a course of treatments, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in your skin care concerns, but after just one treatment you’ll notice a radiant glow. Just wait for the compliments to roll in!