Owner & Master Esthetician

To say that Magda Bellanova is passionate about beauty and skincare is an understatement. Bellanova, which directly translates to BEAUTIFUL and NEW in Italian is a perfect example of her skincare inspiration and philosophy.

Born and raised in the remarkable city of Vicenza, Italy, her love for beauty began at an early age. She vividly remembers exploring her mother’s beauty products as a child, begging her mother and friends to allow her to apply makeup on them and style their hair.

Magda first became a Licensed Esthetician in her hometown, where for five years she practiced and mastered holistic skincare, as well as manual therapies such as lymphatic drainage and connective tissue massage. In Italy, Estheticians are required to also study massage therapy in their training. This knowledge and experience empowered Magda with the unique holistic, integrative, thorough approach to skincare that she now possesses.

Upon moving to New York City at the age of 24, she studied at the Christine Valmy International School and became licensed in the state of New York. Her experience in NYC ranges from high end luxury spas, boutique skincare studios, and dermatology offices to her now-growing private practice in Brooklyn. Being a curious, creative individual fuels Magda’s desire for transformation through beauty and skin. That inner child is still exploring, constantly researching, and studying skincare products and beauty trends.

Magda Bellanova - Master Esthetician and Owner of Bellanova Beauty Lab

Esthetics is my passion.
My goal has always been to make every skin type not only look but also feel it’s best. Using the most luxurious products and advanced techniques available, paired with an Italian approach and my love for all beautiful things.


Senior Esthetician

Ksenia Bellanova Beauty Lab Facial Spa Master Esthetician

Born with a love for beauty, Ksenia’s journey began in Russia. Drawn to the United States, she pursued her passion at Christine Valmy, a renowned esthetics school. While resolving her own skin concerns, she discovered a deeper calling to empower others through skincare. Now, with eight years of experience in prestigious New York City spas, Ksenia brings her expertise to Bellanova Beauty Lab.

Her focus? Result-oriented yet deeply relaxing treatments that leave clients feeling confident and radiant, offering a welcome escape from the city’s fast pace.


Senior Esthetician

Born in the vibrant beauty haven of Seoul, Jay embarked on her skincare journey as a consultant in 2003. Immersed in the rich Korean skincare culture, she developed a keen understanding of skin as a reflection of both outer appearance and inner well-being. Driven by the belief that “our skin tells us a lot about who we are,” she dedicated herself to enriching skin health. Seeking new challenges, she moved to New York City in 2009, where she formally trained there as an esthetician.

Jay’s holistic approach to beauty shines through her genuine desire to uplift others. Whether providing deeply relaxing facials or offering personalized advice, she delights in helping individuals discover their inner glow and feel confident in their own skin.


Senior Esthetician

Roksana’s passion for healthy skin brings a unique perspective to her practice. Growing up in Poland, her interest in beauty began at a young age. Experimenting with DIY skincare ignited in her a desire to understand skin health on a deeper level.

Through esthetics school and years working in diverse environments – from boutique salons to celebrity spas – Roksana honed her skills, helping clients achieve their best skin. Roksana thrives on the one-on-one connections built in the treatment room. The ever-evolving beauty industry excites her; she embraces new technologies and believes there’s a solution for every skin concern. Yet, she also cherishes the time-tested satisfaction of extractions and a thorough, stress-melting massage.

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